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RIOT GODDAMMIT!   {…demonstrate, boycott, demand a change, but don’t riot, you’ll lose!  Study the history of the Watts riot, businesses are just coming back to “south central” Los Angeles, after 50 years.  Study the Rodney King riots:  What was eight weeks ago, a California Highway Patrolman beat the HELL out a homeless woman with some mental illness senseless on a Cal Freeway.  Yes, I am white, but if I thought rioting would change anything for the better I would join in with “No justice, No Peace” or “Baby Burn,” but all I see is it hurts the Africa-American/Black community in the end and does not change anything. And I am more than aware that your community is be handed the short-end of a shitty stick — being screwed in education, economic opportunity, and when drugs are resorted to, we punish the HELL out of you with long prison sentences, especially if you are a male.} [my edit - p&g]

Stop being scared!

They keep doing this bc WE *points from me to you* keep letting them!

Get mad!

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